Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…

Given recent and continuing events in our world, Samara takes a moment to reflect on our history and sings her version of the Emma Lazarus poem. It’s set to music originally composed by Irving Berlin. Remember, fear is the enemy. We are all immigrants.

C’est Magnifique

Mimi Baroquen & Prince Powderpouffe enjoy a picnic in Central Park, before crashing the Met Gala.

My Strongest Suit

Samara shows off her love of fancy dress in this video, My Strongest Suit.

WWUES Trailer

Makeup Tutorial – Snow Fairy

After many, many requests I have finally gotten around to making my first makeup tutorial. Since the weather is freezing, doing a snow fairy seemed appropriate. Enjoy…  

White Rabbit

Samara shows off her incredible makeup artistry, as well as her vocal prowess, on White Rabbit.


Samara sings “Lament” from the musical Evita.  

Women’s March NYC

The Wicked Witch of the Upper East Side gives her first news report, from The Women’s March in NYC  

Say YES!!!

The first clip from my recent cabaret performance @ Under St Marks.  

The Cabaret Showdown

  Hey Kids! I’m puttin’ on a show! I won this crazy game show thing and I’ll be doing my show @ Under St. Marks on June 14th @ 5pm. Come see me!

Welcome To Samaraland

OMG!!! You have to see this! Click here to watch my welcome video. DO IT! You know you want .

Now Broadcasting… is now live and broadcasting glittery fabulousness. Stay tuned in for all the latest